I don't know which powder to use? Can I use all of them together?

GLOW is a fantastic, nutritious, fermented powder for everyday use and helps to support skin, digestive and whole-body health.

CLEANSE has very similar properties, but it also contains specific ingredients that provide nutritional support for the body’s detoxification and elimination pathways. For most people we suggest that they use GLOW on a daily basis for most of the year, and once or twice a year replace it with the CLEANSE powder for extra detoxification support.

BODY is recommended for people who require support with reaching and maintaining a healthy weight range. While it still has some of the benefits of GLOW and CLEANSE, it is part of a specific approach for weight management and is a healthy meal/snack replacement.

It is certainly possible to use the three powders together, but the most common way that people enjoy them is to use BODY and GLOW together for most of the time. Then, when they want to add in some extra detoxification support, they replace GLOW with CLEANSE.

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